The Nine-Month Relationship Between Kim Kardashian And Pete Davidson Is Over

The Nine-Month Relationship Between Kim Kardashian And Pete Davidson Is Over

A few months ago, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson began dating. The two had to put their relationship to the test because Kim's ex-husband, Kanye West, has frequently said that he will do all in his power to get his children's mother back.

They moved in together because they believe their relationship has potential, it was revealed two months ago.

The pair had wanted to take a romantic holiday for two during the second half of September, but those arrangements fell through, according to US Weekly. Insiders claim that the Saturday Night Live comic and the star of the television program "Keeping up with the Kardashian" have made the decision to part ways.

"They made the decision to part ways in peace and stay close. Long distances and hectic schedules make it challenging for them to maintain a relationship, but they still have A lot of love and respect for one another, according to a source close to the Kim family.

He claims that the former lovers split up this week. Fans of the star, however, are hesitant to accept this explanation for the split because, typically, it is used as a standard by couples who don't want to talk about their own issues in the media.

In February of last year, Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from rapper Kanye West.

Her relationship with comedian Pete Davidson came to light in November, and it later emerged that the socialite's family members were completely in agreement with her choice.

Caitlyn Jenner offered to clarify this at that time. She was among the first to meet Pete, as it turned out:


We spoke for a bit, and I came to the conclusion that he is unlike anyone Kim has previously attempted to connect with. Take a close look at her; she appears to be happier than ever.

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