The New Artie Lange: Comedian Looks Completely Different As He Reveals He Is Seven Months Sober

The New Artie Lange: Comedian Looks Completely Different As He Reveals He Is Seven Months Sober
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Comedian and former Howard Stern Show sidekick Artie Lange has just revealed that he is out of rehab and seven months sober. And, the new pic he posted on Twitter shows that he is looking great and much slimmer after his decades-long struggle with substance abuse.

Lange shocked fans late last year when he posted a picture that revealed his collapsed nose, which he claims was a result of more than 30 years of abusing cocaine and heroin. Police arrested Lange in January for drug possession and held him at the Essex County Jail in New Jersey for a few days to sober up before he entered a long term rehab facility.

At the time, Lange was serving four years probation for a previous heroin possession charge and he had tested positive for cocaine, but he did not have to go back to jail for violating his probation.

Now, he is home from rehab and “seven months and 14 days sober,” and he tweeted that he is taking things one day at a time. One thing he is ready for is to get back on stage. When Lange went to rehab he had to cancel his tour dates, and he said that he will announce new dates on Friday. He also thanked his fans for the support.

The 51-year-old also posted a picture that showed he was much thinner, happier, and healthier compared to the pics fans had seen before his rehab stint, and he said it was “great to be home.”

Lange’s fellow comedians have been posting messages of support and telling him how great he looks. Michael Rappaport tweeted that Lange looked great and he was happy for him. Mike Cannon echoed the sentiment, and radio host Stacey Prussman said that Artie looked “amazing.”

In May, Stern told New York Times Magazine that he chooses his words about Lange very carefully because he loves him.

"What's happening with Artie makes me very sad," Stern said. "We've lost touch, and that's my doing. I got my fingers crossed for the guy."

Lange also told fans that he had “lots of new stories to tell,” so it looks like his act will be getting an update.

Congrats to Artie Lange for making such a positive change in his life.

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