'The Mickey Mouse Club' Gets A Disney Reboot With New Mouseketeers — Here's What We Know

'The Mickey Mouse Club' Gets A Disney Reboot With New Mouseketeers — Here's What We Know
Source: Disney

Disney announced they have rebooted the Mickey Mouse Club , including a new cast of Mouseketeers, but there are some major differences. First, the name is different. Instead of the Mickey Mouse Club , the new show will be called Club Mickey Mouse . Also, the show will not air on television but only through social media networks such as Instagram and Facebook. Other changes include the nature of the show. Club Mickey Mouse  isn't going to be a regular television program that airs on the Disney channel. Instead, the digital shorts will focus mostly on music, original songs, and choreography. You can watch a video preview of the new C lub Mickey Mouse theme song as well as a session with American Idol finalist and Broadway star  Todrick Hall . Todrick Hall serves as the Mouseketeers' mentor.

It's unclear how successful  Club Mickey Mouse will be, or if it will live up to previous versions of the show. The original Mickey Mouse Club launched in 1955 and ran until 1959. Some of those original Mouseketeers went on to enjoy thriving film and television careers including Annette Funicello, Bobby Burgess, and Johnny Crawford.

There was a brief 1977 revival of the Mickey Mouse Club that ran for approximately six months. The Mouseketeers were ethnically diverse, and the theme song had a disco beat. The actress Lisa Welchel, who later starred in The Facts of Life was one of the 1977  New Mickey Mouse Club Mouseketeers. You may see a clip from the 1977 New Mickey Mouse Club below


From 1989-1994, Disney revived the show with the All-New Mickey Mouse Club . It was this series that launched the careers of many former Musketeers. Britney Spears, Tony Lucca, Kerri Russell, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, Ryan Gosling, JC Chasez, and Nikki DeLoach all got their start on the All-New Mickey Mouse Club .



With the new reboot of Club Mickey Mouse , fans are wondering if the new Musketeers will find the same level of success as the previous cast has.

Club Mickey Mouse will run for seven weeks and since it is digital, fans can watch and rewatch the skits at their leisure.

What do you think about the new Club Mickey Mouse ? Are you excited about the reboot? Do you prefer the digital version or would you rather watch it on the Disney channel?



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