The Masked Singer Back For Season Two: Which Stars Were Unmasked In The Premiere?

The Masked Singer Back For Season Two: Which Stars Were Unmasked In The Premiere?
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Fox’s unexpected hit The Masked Singer is back for Season 2, and they started things off with a two-hour premiere and a new format because of the expanded cast of 16 contestants. The premiere only featured half of the competition because of all the performances, battles, and clue packages, and at the end of the show two celebrities went home.

Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy , Robin Thicke, and Nicole Sherzinger were back on the panel - plus guest panelist J.B. Smoove - and Nick Cannon returned as the host of the show. And, this season producers opted for a bracket-style competition that puts two masked singers up against each other each week.

The battles in the premiere were Butterfly vs. Egg, Thingamajig vs. Skeleton, Ladybug vs. Rottweiler, and Tree vs. Ice Cream. The show started with a Group A battle between Butterfly and Egg, and Butterfly’s first performance was so strong it seemed like she was a professional singer. Egg’s performance was flamboyant, but he didn’t appear to be very comfortable on stage.

Butterfly ended up winning the round, and that led to the next battle between Thingamajig and Skeleton. Thingamajig shocked the audience with his soulful voice, but he didn’t come across as an experienced singer. Skeleton gave a hilarious, over-the-top performance that featured a rap, but it was clear he was not a pro. Thingamajig ended up winning their battle.

That meant Egg and Skeleton had to go to a smackdown, and the judges ended up keeping Skeleton and sending Egg home.

Next up was Group B, and they started with a battle between Ladybug and Rottweiler. Ladybug didn’t look comfortable at all on stage, but her voice got stronger as the performance went on. Rottweiler’s soulful voice shocked everyone because it appeared that he was an athlete. Rottweiler ended up winning this battle, so Ladybug had to wait around and find out if she would go up against Tree or Ice Cream in her smackdown.

Tree was obviously not a professional singer, but she did have a nice voice, and Ice Cream was obviously not an experienced performer. Tree ended up on top, which meant Ice Cream and Ladybug went head-to-head for a smackdown.

At the end of the show, the judges opted to keep Ladybug, so Ice Cream and Egg were unmasked. Who were they? Egg was figure skater Johnny Weir, and surprisingly both Robin Thicke and Jenny McCarthy guessed correctly.

As for Ice Cream, he turned out to be YouTube star and Fortnite legend Tyler “Ninja” Blevins.

New episodes of The Masked Singer air Wednesday nights on Fox.


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