The Man Who Reportedly Assaulted A$AP Rocky Will Not Be Charged By The Swedish Prosecutors

The Man Who Reportedly Assaulted A$AP Rocky Will Not Be Charged By The Swedish Prosecutors
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You may have already learned that according to the latest reports coming from the New York Post, Donald Trump said he would ‘personally vouch’ for the release of A$AP Rocky from the Swedish jail.

The rapper is being held captive for a Stockholm street fight near the ending of June.

More celebrities have been making efforts to support the rapper and get him out of jail.

As you probably know by now, the rapper was  arrested in Sweden for suspicion of assault .

Kim Kardashian, T.I., and more celebrities are supporting the rapper and Kanye West's wife even offered her gratitude to President Trump for his help in the matter.

Not too long ago, Tyrese also had something to say about all this.

The Shade Room cites more sources and brings news regarding the rapper's case.

It seems that 'it has now been confirmed that the man he accused of initially assaulting him will not be charged by prosecutors of any crime. A$AP is still attempting to be freed by Swedish authorities due to assault charges—but the man he says incited the incident is fully cleared.'

TSR revealed that the prosecutors decided this after they watched the video from the incident.

They reportedly decided 'that the man in question acted in self-defense when he hit one of A$AP’s bodyguards with his headphones.'

More than this, it was also revealed that the rapper is still under investigation.

Unlike celebrities, you will see that in the comments section, you won't find too many supporters.

Someone said, 'All of this is stupid, I bet he ain’t never leaving the US AGAIN 😭' and another follower posted: 'Oopp bet he believes in that white privilege now!'

A person said: 'When you ignore white privilege until your affected by it.'

Somoene believes that 'it seems like it doesn’t matter what country you’re in, if you’re black the justice system is gonna work against you regardless bc wtf.'

One commenter noted that 'We don’t care about wtf happened in Sweden we live in the south lol just like you don’t care about what happens in Ferguson...BLOOP‼️'

One other person said: 'Well duh 😂 should have known that already! His a Swedish citizen Aka white. And a foreign black man, of course, gets charge.'

Somoene wrote: 'I bet ASAP wished he help those black people. He thought money made him different as if it gave him pass.'

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