The Love Is Blind Star, Jessica Batten, Married Benjamin McGrath

The Love Is Blind Star, Jessica Batten, Married Benjamin McGrath
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After being engaged in September 2021, the alum of "Love is Blind" and her fiance, Benjamin McGrath, decided to elope, and they shared exclusive details of their modest ceremony with Brides magazine.

During the private ceremony that took place in a historic courtroom in Santa Barbara, Batten, age 38, and McGrath, age 36, who is a foot and ankle surgeon in the state of California, were joined by only four other guests. Even though this wasn't the wedding that the couple had originally planned on having, they did mention that several personal circumstances prompted them to decide against having a larger wedding for the time being.

The couple revealed to the publication that they both went through COVID after the engagement and that shortly thereafter, they were forced to move residences. During the planning process, this unanticipated delay pushed us back. When we finally got down to business after the new year, we discovered that there were far more difficulties involved than we had anticipated.

Even though the couple has discussed the possibility of having a bigger party in the future, they both agreed that right now seemed to be the best time for them to elope. Crowned Events was responsible for the organization of both their modest event in August 2024 and their larger celebration that will take place in August 2024.

According to Brides, after the wedding, the couple celebrated their new marriage with a private supper and a weeklong vacation at a private villa in Montecito. The ceremony itself took place in a historic courtroom. They remarked how wonderful the event was, and how much they like the Spanish style of the building that served as the venue.

Planning my wedding was a breeze because all of the suppliers we worked with absolutely understood our vision and contributed to making the day even more magical than we could have imagined. From Santa Barbara to San Diego, they claim to have significant experience coordinating weddings throughout Southern California. Vendors from all over the map were used. Incredulous, I stared as it all came to life before my eyes!