The LGBTQ Community Is At Odds Over RuPaul Not Commenting On Groundbreaking New Show 'Pose'

The LGBTQ Community Is At Odds Over RuPaul Not Commenting On Groundbreaking New Show 'Pose'
Source: Vulture

If you're well-versed on LGBTQ representation in the media then you're probably familiar with "RuPaul's Drag Race" and Ryan Murphy's groundbreaking new TV drama, "Pose." Since "Pose" is depicting what laid the path for drag queens to be recognized on the massive scale that they are now, you would think that one of the most legendary drag queens in history would acknowledge it -- but she hasn't.

That's right. RuPaul has seemingly been radio silent with her thoughts on "Pose" causing some to believe that Ru is not giving credit where credit is due.

"Pose" follows two house mothers and their stories as they raise their families and compete in "balls."


Much of the slang, costumes, and themes used in "RPDR" are seen in Ryan Murphy's FX series.

Although the first season has just finished, it's still being widely discussed by the LGBTQ community and more.

So why would an African-American, queer, drag queen like Rupaul not acknowledge a show that depicts African-American, queer, drag queens and the rise of drag in the late 80's and early 90's?

Some took to Twitter to bash Mother Ru.


"The fact that America is raving about “POSE” on FX Networks and RuPaul hasn’t uttered one word; nor has he let a single thought escape from under that tattered wig—confirms what the trans community already knew. Folks are gonna be hot over this tweet—but a truth is a truth..." wrote trans woman and activist Ashlee Marie Preston.

When popular Instagram blog, Freeish Media, brought up the subject, a follower wrote: "girl, the man is too busy lol... he probably ain’t got time to watch any shows. And if he does. pose probably isn’t even on his priority list... because you can be queer and not have to prioritise queer stories as essential viewing. POSE is great and POSE can survive without Rupaul’s co-sign.

One commentator brought up a very good point when they said: "I don’t think he’s going to speak on it because it to close to home for him he was apart of that era and he lived in those houses he wouldn’t be able to really speak on it with out getting personal."

What do you think about RuPaul's decision not to speak about "Pose?"

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  • Trish L.
    Trish L. Feb 7, 2020 10:36 AM PST

    Rupaul has stated before he does not have cable, and the only show he watches is Judge Judy. Why is he required? Can’t people just live their lives without being scrutinized for every little thing?

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