The Latest Video From Celebrity Big Brother Shows Tamar Braxton And Kandi Burruss Squashing Their Beef

The Latest Video From Celebrity Big Brother Shows Tamar Braxton And Kandi Burruss Squashing Their Beef
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In the latest video from Celebrity Big Brother, Tamar Braxton and Kandi Burruss have a word. Tamar says that she wishes they would get to know each other better, and the two ladies end their talk with a hug. Here's the video shared on Tamar's Instagram account:

'And as always Tamar kept her word, about who she would and wouldn’t vote for. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ love seeing this moment,' the video is captioned.

Someone said 'it’s cool that they squashed their beef but I honestly feel like Tamar realized she was looking like a mean girl and Kandi wasn’t paying her no mind so for her to continue to come after Kandi made her see she was fighting by herself. Tamar is flipping on everyone who she supposed to have an alliance with, and their patience seems to be growing thin with her so she had to kill that mess with Kandi at this point or she was going to be the next target. I hope the way she been behaving is her strategy, but from seeing her on all this time I highly doubt it UNLESSSSSS, this is just her T.V personality and not the real her. Here’s to wishful thinking lol.'

Another follower gushed over Tamar and said 'I love my Tamar. She’s so sweet I’ve been saying that for years. She’s kind-hearted she also just very expressive and passionate about things. #sweetheart.'

One other fan also praised Tamar and wrote 'I love Tamar soooo much. But girl... u gotta stop hating on all the beautiful, successful black women around u. Now I see why u don't hang around anything but gay men. U can't stand to be around beautiful women like yourself. U view them as competition. U have to get that out of ur spirit sis. Start uplifting other women around u n I guarantee those insecurities will start to go away. Love u boo. 😘'

One supporter is upset with Tamar and even said that they are done: '@tamarbraxton yea I’m done following you. You’re a 55 year old woman acting 5. All that acting like a fem queen gets tired, and it’s not cute on you. Have several seats girl.'

Recently Tamar managed to worry her fans with a breakdown that she had in the CBB house.

What do you think about Tamar's reactions and words?


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