The Ladies Of 'Big Little Lies' All Went To Support Shailene Woodley's New Film 'Adrift'

The Ladies Of 'Big Little Lies' All Went To Support Shailene Woodley's New Film 'Adrift'
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The all-female cast of Big Little Lies has enjoyed much success of their show since last year. So much so that they are coming back for another season although the show was originally meant to air as a mini-series. The cast, which includes Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley, Laura Dern and Zoe Kravitz, has talked extensively about how important a show like this is.

What's more impressive is that the cast has explained how well they get along and support one another in most of the press they do.

This is evidenced by a picture that Reese Witherspoon recently posted on Instagram of four out of five of the stars attended a screening of Shailene Woodley's new film Adrift .

Adrift follows a story of a couple that set out to sea and becomes entangled with some extraordinary circumstances that threaten their lives and safety.

It appears to be one of the very few films that actually take on woman vs nature as opposed to man.

Though Sam Claflin plays Woodley's love interest, the film centers on Woodley battling the seas and making split second and life or death decisions.

The Big Little Lies gals are currently in Monterrey, California shooting the second season of the smash show.

The only one missing from the main cast outing was Nicole Kidman. It's possible Kidman could have been out of town, back visiting her family in Los Angeles.

Much like the cast for the upcoming film Ocean's 8 , it's so nice to see a group of women really celebrate each other and support each other so deeply.

There are these assumptions and stigmas associated with a large group of women working together and that's simply because women have often been conditioned to think that competing with one another is necessary.

But building one another up and supportive each other is a much more conducive approach. Well done, ladies!


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