The Hills New Beginnings: Audrina Patridge Breaks Down Over Being A Single Mom Days After Ex-Corey Bohan Custody Drama

The Hills New Beginnings: Audrina Patridge Breaks Down Over Being A Single Mom Days After Ex-Corey Bohan Custody Drama
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The Hills New Beginnings s tar Audrina Patridge breaks down over being a single mom in a new preview clip for Monday's episode.

Ironically the video has been released just days after Patridge had to call the police on her ex-husband, Corey Bohan when he failed to return daughter Kirra at the scheduled time. The reality TV sent the cops to do a welfare check and discovered Kirra with her daddy at his home.

Bohan alleged it was his day with the little girl, but court documents soon proved Patridge was entitled to have their daughter on the July 4th holiday. It is the latest drama involving the exes as they continue to battle over the 3-year-old.

Although she was granted full custody of Kirra last December, Bohan was given Sunday, Monday and Wednesday visitation rights. The couple is supposed to alternate holidays, but the ex-cyclist is not pleased with the outcome.

In the preview clip for Monday night's episode of the MTV revival, the 34-year-old sheds tears over the struggle of being a single mom. Patridge is overcome with emotion as she talks to fellow cast member, Heidi Montag, about life with only her and Kirra.

"I've been going through a lot on the personal side of things with court and custody, just everything at once. It's been so hard lately. You get so used to having someone there all the time and then it's getting used to being there on your own and being a single mom. It really hit me today," the former Dancing With The Stars contest admitted.

Audrina Patridge has called her daughter the pride and joy of her life. Now, as she continues to face life as a single parent, the reality TV star is rethinking who she wants in her and Kirra's lives.

Yes, she is talking about Justin Bobby in the clip, who viewers know already said he would not date Patridge because she has a kid. The rocker bad boy is not ready for little ones in his life.

There is no doubt Patridge's breakdown over being a single mom is real. However, all the Justin Bobby drama is likely a fabricated storyline for the show. It is the epitome of a classic The Hills embellished or scripted story.

Is anyone buying Justin Bobby's sudden interest in Stephanie? Nope, it is another layer to the Audrina/Justin Bobby saga that played out ten years ago. Not that it is a bad thing, their drama is highly entertaining for fans.


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