The Gigi Hadid X Reebok Collection Is Here In All Its Vintage Splendor

The Gigi Hadid X Reebok Collection Is Here In All Its Vintage Splendor
Credit: Source: Gigi Hadid/Chris Colls/Instagram

Gigi Hadid has returned with a new collaboration with Reebok following last year's successful sneaker launch. The Reebok X Gigi Hadid collection is athletic and designed for those living a vigorous and active lifestyle. Additionally, the pieces are vintage-styled as they were patterned after Gigi's favorite designs from the 90s. Gigi shared multiple photos from the shoot she did with famed, celebrity photographer Chris Colls with her more than 50 million Instagram followers.

As this is Gigi's second collaboration, fans already know what Gigi's preferred style is like. The collection includes vintage-styled sneakers, leggings, tracksuits with track pants and track jackets, sports bras, sweatshirts, fanny packs, sling bags, socks, and caps. The color designs are very reminiscent of the 90s and feature earth tones that are perfect for autumn and help make the Reebok X Gigi collection stand out from others.

Gigi released a statement with some photos from the shoot where she discussed her inspiration for the collection.

"For #REEBOKxGIGI Season II, I was inspired by Reebok’s 90’s ‘Boundless’ collection ⛺️ and the endless possibilities & wonder the great outdoors bring. These pieces are functional and effortless; I’m so excited to see the adventures they join you on !!!! Thank you all for your support of the first season, and to my @reebok family for the opportunity to continue creating in this space. Made with love, always. xG ⛰🍂⚡️"

You may see several photos that Gigi shared on her Instagram below.

Gigi's fans are thrilled about the new collection and have helped spread the word about Reebox X Gigi Season 2. Here are several more photos from the shoot. Danielle Priano styled Gigi's hair, Carolina Gonzalez did Gigi's makeup, and Christine Centenera styled Gigi's clothes.

Gigi Hadid shared a video from her first collaboration with Reebok where she went back to the 90s and shared her love for that time era. You may see that video below.

Celebrity makeup-artist Christina Gonzalez, who did Gigi's makeup for her second collaboration with Reebok, shared her new video that revisits some of her themes from the first collaboration. You may see that video below.

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