The Game Shows The Utmost Respect And Love For His Two Baby Mamas In Loving Tributes

The Game Shows The Utmost Respect And Love For His Two Baby Mamas In Loving Tributes
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Rapper The Game is a proud father of three -- King Justice Taylor, Harlem Caron Taylor, and California Dream Taylor -- who he shares with two amazing mothers.

For Mother's Day, the California MC and reality TV star penned two loving messages to Aleska and Tiffney Cambridge.

The Game showed the most respect and maturity for his baby mamas.

He wrote: "I've literally sat here an hour & thought of how to start & end this post to no avail. There's so much I want to say to you about what you've done in my life as a mother to my kids, but I can't pinpoint one thing to focus on because you've broken the barrier when it comes to motherhood... So I figured it'd be best just to let the words flow... Tiffney, you are one bomb ass mom. Our children are so beautiful, educated & wise even in their early years. We have a long time to go still but up to this point you have done nothing short of an amazing job being their mom. The love you give them is just altogether different from anything I've ever witnessed in all of my life & that deserves more than I'll ever be able to give you in return. So strong, so sophisticated & I've watched you push out two baby's & I can truly say, since then you've made it very easy to be a father. From the time you wake, until the time you close your eyes at night... you are 100% parenting. That is the reason why after 13 & almost ten years our kids are up under you every time I'm looking for them. I bet that feels good huh ??? To have two little people love you that much. Two people you created, bore & raised to be just as amazing as you are. Wow... what a friggin mom you are. Especially to my daughter... what a role model. She should be & I bet she is so happy to have you as a mother. The way she loves me is proof alone that you've shaped her heart almost identical to what yours & your mothers is may God rest her soul. You had the best teacher & that has transcended a generation to our child & I'm so honored she has you. She may look like me, but trust she is ALL YOU. I want no smoke with TWIN LEOS lol... I also thank you as well for my son who is my pride & my twin flame. In part, I love my children with you.. thank you for them & everything that you are... This is your day & I promise to not let anyone steal your joy... Happy Mother's Day & I love you - Jayceon. 🙏🏾"

Many applauded The Game for his beautifully written words.

A fan said: "Beautiful words. Beautiful family. Beautiful kids. Beautiful women."

Another commenter shared: "It is indeed a great accomplishment to raise stand up kids with a father like the Game. Congrats to them."

The Game rose to the occasion.

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