The Game Shares The Dos And Don'ts List That Can Help Lead To Changes After The Killing Of George Floyd - Not Everyone Agrees

The Game Shares The Dos And Don'ts List That Can Help Lead To Changes After The Killing Of George Floyd - Not Everyone Agrees
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MC The Game has decided to share his thoughts on what kind of action that should be taken after the killing of George Floyd.

The death of Floyd occurred after an officer pressed his knee into his neck for over 8 minutes. The Game said that he agrees with those who say that it is not the time to focus on the NBA or waste time or energy on sports.

Instead, people need to keep marching and fighting for justice.

He wrote: "Hood morning (no typo)..... To be honest, I miss sports & the everyday normalities of the way we lived before the pandemic & the situation at hand. But I have to stand in agreement with my brother @_stak5_. Unless the @NBA & other professional sports have plans of action with the messaging, commercials, etc... in motion or in conjunction with the cause... Anything legitimate recognition that is or will be a distraction to the movement & or the mission of justice for all the senseless acts of violence against black people in this country as well as the countless un-just murders of our people should be put on hold until we as a people have indeed prevailed in this fight."

He went on to say: "I encourage not only athletes of color to take this stand, but also the athletes who are true teammates to the ones for mentioned. Of course, team owners want to rush back into making money off you as they have lost millions, maybe billions of dollars thus far. Everyone has been affected by the events that have occurred only 1/2 way through this year... So many are worse off than most, but I guarantee you... the team owners will be more than okay through all of this & after. The point must remain clear & we must stay true. #SpeakUP #BlackLivesMatter #ChangeNOW"

One person, who is against what The MC had to say, responded with: "Yall gotta stop saying this without thinking things all the way through. Are yall gone step in and pay these players bills and take care of their families. 90% of the players aren't getting checks anymore.. Everybody financial situation and personal life ain't the same. Some don't have endorsements, and some don't have the superstar contracts. Some take care of their entire family. Some have built a lifestyle that they have to pay for, so if yall calling for them not to play, then pay for their expenses out yall own pockets then..."

The hip-hop star seems to really care about these issues.

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