The Game Says Not Even The Devil Will Stop Him From Doing This For Nipsey Hussle

The Game Says Not Even The Devil Will Stop Him From Doing This For Nipsey Hussle
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Rapper The Game has made it clear that not even the devil will stop him from honoring the memory of his late friend, businessman Nipsey Hussle.

Earlier today, the MC took to social media where he penned a heartfelt note about the father of Lauren London's son.

The Game explained that love is the only thing that motivates him to keep going with his daily tributes to Hussle.

His motivational message read: "The devil is busy today. He will try to test you, tempt you & pull you closer to the fire using his loyal servants in disguise. Do not fall for his tricks or be lured away from the light. Stay focused & keep a strong hold on your mission. I see the hate but I am only moved by the love. I recognize the pain in my enemies eyes, for they are too blind to see the multiple options of bettering themselves daily. They’d rather steal joy from those who are happy & enjoying life because that is easy. They do not have the will nor the heart to put in the work it takes to have their own. My mother told me when I was a child.... misery loves company & that alone is the answer to why once you elevate yourself in life on any level, your circle gets smaller. Think about it, open your eyes... they are not hard to find. Look for the wolves in sheep’s clothing... & when you locate these people, use your heart to separate your energy from theirs daily so you can ensure your ride continues to be a smooth one. I’m not gone stop posting bro on this page... it feels right, it helps people from all over the world.. some who were fans before & others who became fans after bro’s untimely demise. It also keeps the wheels turning in remembering Nips mission & helping continue his legacy. “The highest human act is to inspire” #TheMarathonContinues 🏁 #OneNipPostADayUntiliFadeAway."

One critic said: "Stop exploiting this man damn😔😔😔."

A fan responded with: "Game you one of my favorites dawg, whenever you wanna stop posting this you can. Don’t let the internet make you feel bad about taking a break. (But continue if you want)."

Another person stated: "Ppl forget game isn't a fan and Nipsey were friends in Real life for over 10 years he has every right to post him as much as he wants."

The Game is choosing his own path when it comes to Hussle.

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