The Game Raps About Making 'Frosted Flakes’ For Kylie Jenner In New Track Preview!

The Game Raps About Making 'Frosted Flakes’ For Kylie Jenner In New Track Preview!
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After making headlines for rapping about sleeping with Kim Kardashian, it looks like The Game is not done with the Kar-Jenner clan! The rapper shared yet another preview for the yet to be released track that includes lyrics about Kylie Jenner!

However, it’s definitely not what you’d be expecting after his NSFW lyrics about Kim.

Apparently, The Game used to make cereal for the makeup mogul. What?

The star’s upcoming LP titled Born To Rap keeps on name dropping KUWK stars!

In a clip that he shared on Twitter, more of the lyrics can be heard and it turns out that the explicit words about Kanye West’s wife were not the only ones shouting-out members of the reality TV family.

‘Her sister made a billion in makeup / I used to make her frosted flakes when she wakes up,’ The Game raps.

But if he is telling the truth about that, he was not very good at making her cereal since he must not have used milk!

Back in September, Kylie took to her platform of choice to reveal that she ate cereal with milk for the first time and it was a ‘life changing’ experience!

The upcoming song already name-dropped two out of the six Kar-Jenner sisters and only teasers have been released!

Is this an ode to Kim and her family? Will he name-drop the others or not? Only time will tell!

As fans may know, this is not even the first time he mentioned the famous family in his music.

Back in 2016, on the track titled ‘Sauce,’ he rapped about sleeping with ‘three Kardashians!’


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