The Game Opens Up About The Dark Days He Faces Since Nipsey Hussle's Death -- Also Addresses Haters Who Say He Needs To Move On And Leave Lauren London's Late Boyfriend Rest In Peace

The Game Opens Up About The Dark Days He Faces Since Nipsey Hussle's Death -- Also Addresses Haters Who Say He Needs To Move On And Leave Lauren London's Late Boyfriend Rest In Peace
Credit: Rap-Up

The Game is as much dedicated to the late Nipsey Hussle as Lauren London.

The California rapper was a friend of the slain businessman and to keep his legacy and activism alive; he has been sharing one post per day.

The Game often speaks about how Nipsey changed the community with his words and concrete actions.

However, this week, The Game decided to explain how he deals with dark days after the death of Nipsey.

He said: "Hate, without it we wouldn’t know or be able to appreciate love. Love, the unstoppable power & one true expression of the heart in its purest form. I accept all opinions, good or bad... negative or positive & I will not be deterred from my mission no matter what’s written underneath my words, so speak as you may... We all have to live with the karma that is attached to the energy we put into the universe. I wake up every morning fueled by the people who came here the day before to read & seek clarity as well use my page for therapy in some shape or form as they too were touched by the passing of Nip. I am driven by the strength of closest his friends, his fans old & new as well as his family who I talk to daily. I make these daily posts to honor my brother’s memory, his legacy & to do my part in the continuation of his marathon..... "

He added: "The words he spoke, the love he had for all & the dedication to the betterment of people as a whole should be studied & implemented into the hearts & minds of not only ourselves but the people around us. We are only human.... mistakes will be made... judgments will be passed & some days will not be as bright as others, but to understand that is to understand that we as individuals have the power to unify & force change. It doesn’t happen overnight & trust the battle can’t be won with just words. We must act on our feelings, take leaps forward as we modify & transition from the ways of the past as they have only gotten us so far to this point. Look at life from different angles & better yourself as the days grow knowing that everything in your life starts with YOU. I give you my love & strength on this Thursday & hope that today is better than yesterday as we all deserve peace of mind & eternal happiness. My daily wish is that at least one of you is motivated to be a better version of yourself going into tomorrow. Keep up the good fight and understand, some days are darker than others, but the light will always find you. #TheMarathonContinues 🏁 #OneNipPostADayTiliFadeAway."

The Game had a deep connection with Nipsey.

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  • Micki
    Micki May 6, 2019 2:35 PM PDT

    what's so difficult about skipping pass something one does not agree with or not like!!?? i say to mr.taylor," keep up the positive energy in regards to your awesome friend nipsey hussle! i had not heard of him until now and i am very saddened by the loss of such a brilliant young man! i cry.i cannot even imagine how his family, & close friends feel. i never met him, but it hurts me so bad! such a loss! he had so much more ire to do. he cared so much for others. he could have taken his money and enjoyed it all by himself! i have listened 2 interviews. he is awesome! one where he said his big brother would not let him steal a piece of candy when they were kids.. they had 2 work 2 get it! i admire this young man for his wisdom, his level of integrity,his love, & empathy for others! again mr.taylor, "keep it coming, & show your love for someone who very deserves it! and i love you for doing it!

  • Ddexcool50
    Ddexcool50 May 4, 2019 4:44 PM PDT

    Its between him and her! If she is receiving it then its all good! Really it's no one else's business. Just my opinion of course.

  • Staso
    Staso May 4, 2019 2:02 PM PDT

    Leave him alone Damn. I'm glad The Game venting like this cause it keep us reminded of how GREAT NIP WAS!!!

  • Carol W.
    Carol W. May 4, 2019 9:55 AM PDT

    I never heard of Nipsey Hussle until his death. After watching all the video interviews, the funeral, talking to my children who did know who he was, I felt some kind of way. Why have a problem with this man speaking on him as much as he'd like? Really??? This is his way of keeping his memory alive and I don't have a problem with it.

  • Cynthia White
    Cynthia White May 4, 2019 9:20 AM PDT

    It's Not An Every Day Event to Lose Your Closes Friend or Lover Yes we Do Lose People Every Day but It's not Someone Close with that being said......I Say Let The Game Grieve For His a Little Longer I hear Nipsey was his Childhood Friend....Death is A Powerful Thing For The Living!

  • J. James
    J. James May 4, 2019 7:36 AM PDT

    So we've all lost homies, loved ones, family members, and extended family. Everybody goes through the grieving process, that's just the nature of human beings. However, this dude is supposed to be hard, real hood dude, supposedly a member of the bloods And this cat runnin around like a broad cryin and sh**!!! Don't you think the game is acting a little gay?

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