The Game Is Being Called A Liar After Posting This Picture And Nipsey Hussle Tribute -- Fans Step Up To Defend Him

The Game Is Being Called A Liar After Posting This Picture And Nipsey Hussle Tribute -- Fans Step Up To Defend Him
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To pay tribute to his late friend, Nipsey Hussle, The Game has once more taken to social media with a new post.

This time around, the famous California rapper and activist posted a sweet photo of his son, King, who is celebrating a big birthday. The adorable little boy is 12 years old and is, therefore, a preteenager.

The Game used the caption to share a deep conversation that he had with his son where he confessed that he wanted to pay homage to Lauren London's life partner on his special day.

The MC explained: "Woke up this morning & asked my son @iamjusticetaylor what he wanted for his 12th birthday..... he said, “Can I stay home today & just ride around with you in the #NipseyBlue Lambo ?” I said, “where you wanna go ?” & he replied, “I don’t care, dad, I just wanna be with you & celebrate his life instead of mine today.” That brought me to tears... Couldn’t believe that came out his mouth & that on his birthday, his only wish is to put himself to the side to honor Nip."

He went on to share the heartbreaking part on the conversation: "I then looked down for a quick moment to wipe my face & he said “Chin up dad” #TheMarathonContinues 🏁 & that put a smile on my face I wish the world were there to see. I’m so proud to be your father son; I love you with everything God has instilled in me & I am more than delighted to chauffeur you around the city on your 12th birthday !!! If you see us in traffic, throw a dub up..... & yes #TheMarathonContinues [Oh’ & he did ask me to ask y’all for a FOLLOW back @iamjusticetaylor] lil birthday gift from y’all to him] #ThanksInAdvance."

The critics are going after The Game because they say he made up the story; others are supportive and want him to continue to express his pain and sorrow through writing so he can heal.

One person said: "Know damn well that boy did say that. He didn’t say that bro you extra. But I’m glad you keep posting the homie nip keeping his name alive that’s what it’s all about, but yo son didn’t say dat."

This non-believer claimed: "Wtf.... you couldn't come up with something believable at least...... smh."

This supporter showed love to The Game during this tough moment in his life: "Omg brought tears to my eyes too damn 😭 happy birthday lil guy Kids have a way of bringing you out of your darkest moments. You raised a brave, unselfish son! Ride out all of you enjoy the day. Much respect to you and yours and happy birthday! Nip still lives on in all our hearts. 💙"

Do you think The Game's story is believable?

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