The Game Has Some Fascinating Things To Say About 50 Cent In New Video -- Will The 'Power' Star Respond?

The Game Has Some Fascinating Things To Say About 50 Cent In New Video -- Will The 'Power' Star Respond?
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The Game made some surprising statements recently as he stated that he and 50 Cent had some unreleased songs, which he described as "timeless."

The famous rapper from California appeared in an episode of Uproxx's People's Party lately, and he discussed with the host, Talib Kweli, if there was a chance of him ever collaborating with 50 Cent again.

The Game explained he was open to the possibility of working with his former foe, especially for the sake of their fans, who would be thrilled to hear their music.

The Compton rapper also jokingly added that if he and Curtis never had a feud, they would probably have been billionaires by now.

He stated: "Me, I would entertain it. I'm unselfish. I'm an unselfish MC. I feel like I would do it for the sake of cats who want to hear it, who want to see it, who relish in that moment that me and 50 had. If me and 50 never had a beef, my nigga, we might be billionaires by now. Me and him in the studio by ourselves with engineers were like A, B, C, D, E, F, G. Like, he knew what to do, I knew what to do. We put our voices together, and that shit made magic. I got songs with 50 that are still on hard drives at my house that are timeless."

He added: "I know one thing for sure, if 50 is going to be a power in hip-hop any moment from now, or come with anything that's going to be really looked at and judged as 'Damn, 50 back,' he gotta be standing next to me."

The Game and 50 Cent met back in late 2003 after they first was signed to Aftermath Entertainment, a label owned by Dr. Dre at the time.

The two of them were close initially. Still, their friendship soon deteriorated, and not long after the arrival of Game's first album The Documentary , the friction between them became a piece of public knowledge.

The tension between two rappers escalated to a feud that involved a lot of mocking and even shootings throughout the years until they finally called a truce in 2016.

During his interview with Kweli, Game mentioned that even if he and 50 Cent were on peaceful terms now, still, Curtis was someone who forgives but does not forget past things.

Besides, Game stated that if his colleague wanted to make a comeback to hip-hop, he needed to do so in collaboration with his former enemy.

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