The Game Debuts New Hairstyle In This Photo -- He Is Slammed For Stealing Nipsey Hussle's Famous Look

The Game Debuts New Hairstyle In This Photo -- He Is Slammed For Stealing Nipsey Hussle's Famous Look
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MC The Game is in hot water again after he shared a photo with fresh cornrows, and many bashed him for stealing Nipsey Hussle's iconic braids.

The Game debuted the new look and had this caption: "You gotta learn to smile through the bullsh*t 😁😁😁😁😁😁 been in the cut letting my sh*t grow on the low lmaooo. Shout out @westcoastbraids for getting a young ni**a right & my dawg @allenray_3 for the precision on this immaculate line-up lol... Oh’ & me & my brother @DaveEast ate now at β€œWAR” wit the length on this braids... you betta pull up on em, so they get longer, give me another month. 🀣🀣🀣"

Fans are not here for it. One person said: "What that is a knock off nip costume." This critic revealed: "He wanna look like Nipsey so bad."

Another person claimed: "Clout chasing at an all-time high #RipNip."

The death of Nipse continues to echo through the corridors of the hip-hop industry, and some people cannot comprehend the fact that the rapper has passed away as he was helping someone in need.

And as can be expected, there have been various arguments on the horizon, with many people accusing each other of a number of things related to the death of the rapper.

Most recently, The Game has come under fire by some followers of Nipsey, who have accused him of trying to exploit his fellow rapper's memory with his merchandise.

However, The Game has rejected the accusations, explaining that he only wanted to use the word "Prolific" in his merchandise to help preserve the memory of his fellow rapper, and he was trying to carry on the legacy of Nipsey forward into the future.

Opinions about the situation have been split -- including the explanation provided by the rapper. Many seem to think that The Game is just trying to dodge the uncomfortable questions, and it does not seem like he has managed to convince too many people of his innocence.

At the same time, it does not look like The Game cares all too much about the impact on his reputation either, as he has been moving forward with his work and career without any apparent issues.

Plus, it is not like he has not shown clearly in the past that he is not one to get affected by the public's opinion easily.

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