The Game Asks For Peace And Gets A Tattoo Of Nipsey Hussle On His Chest - See The Video

The Game Asks For Peace And Gets A Tattoo Of Nipsey Hussle On His Chest - See The Video
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The Game is mourning the loss of his beloved friend Nipsey Hussle. Today is the day in which the memorial service for the late great rapper is taking place at the Staples Center.

The Game hopes that people will be attending this monumental event in peace. He said, 'It's sad out here. That was my homie, man. That was a real, real, real, real good friend of mine, and his passing, as tragic as it was, it's beautiful to see all the people that are apart of carrying on his legacy and showing him love.'

The Game continued and said 'I think that's amazing. I think that now what we need to do as a city, as a culture, is to just pay our respects, be quiet as possible, and just continue to spread love.'

Before this, The Game also shared a photo with him in front of Nip's Marathon store where the rapper lost his life, and he said that Nipsey's legacy would not be forgotten as lost as he walks the earth.

He also made sure to thank Nipsey for everything that he was and said that he would love him forever and he'll make sure that the Marathon continues.

The Game also got a realistic tattoo of Nip on his chest as you can see in the video.

Some people said that he did a bit too much, but his fans defended The Game. 'He doing too much clout chasing,' a person accused the rapper.

Someone responded 'Y’all saying he is doing too much when 1. It’s HIS body NOT yours! And 2. That was his close friend wtf.'

One follower said 'Him, Snoop and YG are deeply hurt over this mans death. It’s so sad, Jesus Christ 😢'

Someone else posted 'You all are really acting like he doing this for show... this man is hurt & he’s honoring his loved one.'

Nipsey’s memorial service will take place today at the Staples Center in Downtown LA at 10 am. May God rest his soul in pace and take care of all his loved ones.

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