The First Trailer For Nicki Minaj's Six-Episode Docuseries Has Been Released

The First Trailer For Nicki Minaj's Six-Episode Docuseries Has Been Released
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On Thursday, the Grammy-nominated rapper debuted the first trailer for her much-anticipated album, Nicki. The celebrity tweeted a two-minute interesting video revealing a candid project. Coming soon! The film you didn't realize you needed. I love you, she said.

You don't get a manual on how to be a renowned rapper, Minaj says in the voice-over of the trailer's opening clip of her performing hip-hop.

She then appears in front of the camera and says she can only learn everything along the way. Following that, images of her being photographed with fans, giving a performance in a stadium, and getting off a private jet then show.

"I believe that back then, women were not frightened to fail. I never aspired to be well-known, and I take rap as an art form extremely seriously. Female rappers weren't on the charts back then. With her hit Chun Li playing in the background, she says, "I fight for ladies who never felt they could win.

According to Nikki, women in the music business don't receive the same level of respect as men. According to her, many people frequently believe that you are doing something incorrectly, so artists simply stop doing it.

Simply put, love and support have no place in this industry. She occasionally acts pretend but is not. I can tell myself everything is fine when taking drugs.

However, you risk losing everything if the effect disappears or your attention is solely on business. It's time to mature and begin loving yourself, said Minaj.

Along with a shot of the singer crafting her lyrics in a notebook, the cut also features happy moments with her husband, Kenneth Petty . "I became into the strongest person I had ever been.


I just started rapping after that. I can still clearly recall the wonderful sensation and the time when I wished this night would never end. To maintain my sanity, I need to learn music. Some things are frighteningly personal.

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