The Federal Authorities Are Holding Tekashi69 On Racketeering And Firearms Charges

The Federal Authorities Are Holding Tekashi69 On Racketeering And Firearms Charges
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According to the New York Police Department, Tekashi69 and three of his friends are currently being held in federal custody. Tekashi, or Daniel Hernandez, 22, is now facing both racketeering and firearms charges.

Racketeering means to acquire money by the extortion of funds or through other illegal means, usually by organized crime groups. Authorities also booked Kifano Jordan, or "Shotti," and Jensel Butler, who goes by the name, "Ish."

Faheem Walter was also detained - his nickname is "Crippy." Currently, exact details on the charges aren't known, but his arraignment at the US District Court for the Southern District of New York was scheduled for this afternoon.

Previously, Tekashi69 pleaded guilty on Wednesday for an altercation involving an officer from the NYPD. He pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and was told that he needed to not get in trouble again for at least a year, otherwise, he'd be going to jail.

As most know, Tekashi has been in serious trouble for a while, mostly for violating his parole in relation to the 2015 arrest for using a child in a music video.

Moreover, Hernandez supposedly assaulted a young fan after a concert one evening and received a harsher sentence for not showing up in court. Before the judge, Tekashi69, or Daniel Hernandez, explained that he thought he didn't have to go to court because it was just a misdemeanor.

However, perhaps the most controversial charge thus far was in relation to the 13-year-old girl featured in an amateur music video. In his defense, Tekashi was 18-years-old at the time, and the young girl supposedly lied about her age. Hernandez argued that he never knew she was a minor, and the "sexual contact" between them was limited.

This all comes after an incident in New York City recently among Tekashi69 and his friends at a New York restaurant. Daniel was supposed to meet with a recording executive, and Tekashi's crew fought with the exec's security guards.

After shots were fired, police arrived, but thankfully for Mr. Hernandez, he wasn't there. Despite Daniel's controversial and illicit past, the rapper just released an EP in 2018, Day69, which went to number four on the Billboard 200, selling 55,000 copies in its first week.

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