The FBI Is Involved Now In Kevin Hart's Extortion Case

The FBI Is Involved Now In Kevin Hart's Extortion Case

Just this past weekend - as Celebrity Insider readers know - Kevin Hart was forced to go on his respective social media account to apologize publicly for his behavior in a "sexually provocative" video of himself and another woman.

According to new reports in the press, the woman who recorded the video attempted to extort Kevin for cash-money. Because of this illegal attempt, the FBI is now involved in the matter, as extortion is a federal crime.

In a report from, the publication claimed that the federal agency already has a suspect.

TMZ claimed an "anonymous person" called Hart's team and gave them the video which allegedly showed the woman and Kevin engaging in some sexual activity.

However, the irony of the situation is the pair can't be seen in the frame of the clip. It's possible Kevin may have confessed to a transgression that nobody would've discovered even with the leak of the tape - but that doesn't mean Hart shouldn't have apologized if he is, in fact, guilty.

The person who called Kevin's agency demanded a multi-million dollar exchange for keeping the video private.

There was a long list of requirements in the list, and the blackmail included an eight-figure-total. The FBI - apparently - believes either the individual in the video is requesting the money or the person who shot the video.

Fans of Kevin Hart will remember that Eniko and Hart's ex-wife were fighting over social media. Hart's ex-wife claimed she just wanted to be left alone because she has moved on with her life.

However, toward the end of her interview with TMZ, she couldn't help herself but mention the fact that Eniko and Kevin started dating before they had officially gotten a divorce! Many fans on social media have found the irony in the situation, considering sources were claiming not long ago that Kevin was cheating.

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