'The Fast & Furious' Star Tyrese Gibson Lands In Trouble After Praising Ellen DeGeneres

'The Fast & Furious' Star Tyrese Gibson Lands In Trouble After Praising Ellen DeGeneres
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The list of celebrities standing up for Ellen DeGeneres is getting longer by the day. After Ashton Kutcher and Kevin Hart decided to show support for the famous TV host publicly, R&B singer Tyrese Gibson is now following their example.

The Fast & Furious star shared a lengthy post where he said that he supports Ellen amid countless reports from her employees saying they have experienced a toxic work culture.

Ellen has apologized for not noticing what was going on around her.

Tyrese wrote: "Someone get this message to Ellen! Thanks! If I could call her on the phone, I would say the words.. Elephants don’t swap flies.. They just keep walking... God made the feathers on a ducks back to somehow have the water to roll off and not penetrate... People in this town and fans will build you UP.... As they watch you climb ALL the way UP the ladder they will stand at the bottom of that same ladder and pull out there biggest GUN and shoot you in the ass over and over and over until you fall... You are MADE FOR THIS..... This too shall pass..... I’ve learned over the years that when things get uncomfortable it’s because GOD is preparing you for the NEW SEASON of your life.... He wants disloyal people to REVEAL THEMSELVES.... He wants people who have went above and beyond for over the YEARS who have no integrity to revel themselves... Ellen was JUST honored and praised for giving and giving and giving [ cause this is what she does constantly on her show and in real life ] and now this?"

He added: "Ellen if you see this message..... You are a GEM of a women and wife..... I am not one of the lucky ones who have hung with you 40 to 50 times over the years... But I know a kind hearted and giving person when I see one and you fit the bill....... Last time I seen you.. You were at the Soho house rooftop in Beverly Hills and I literally sat there and said “There is NO WAY I’m not gonna speak to and hug the great Ellen on the way out”.... And sure enough you stood up and hugged me and smiled and did that usual beautiful Ellen thing.... You will be just fine.... Every set back is a set UP for even more greater things to come..... You can call me anytime I’m not kind at all..... You stay kind, I will be your BAD GUY and fight your battles...... lol [ before y’all even attempt to come for me? Just know I don’t GAF for 1.... and 2? I’m just speaking facts about Ellen based on my own personal experiences and more importantly how I feel about her in general....... Ellen there’s not enough bad articles and or rumors and or bloggers in the WORLD that can undo the beauty that you’ve brought into our world........ Stay strong sis I’m here... #ForeverFan"

Many are slamming Tyrese for this reason: "The way these Black men are throwing their capes on for this rich White woman ...whew, hate to see it. But expected."

Ellen has vowed to keep her job.

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