The "Don't Worry Darling" Set Environment Was Peaceful, According To Cinematographer Matthew Libatique

The "Don't Worry Darling" Set Environment Was Peaceful, According To Cinematographer Matthew Libatique
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Despite rumors of mayhem behind the scenes, " Don't Worry Darling cinematographer "insists that the set was "the most harmonic set" he's ever been on.

I don't believe the gossip about tension on the set. In the most recent episode of the Hollywood Reporter's Behind the Screen podcast, host Matthew Libatique asserted that this was the case, even if it wasn't immediately clear.

I can't speak to post-production, but from my perspective, the stories are made up," he repeated, emphasizing that he was just speaking about what happened on-site.

The veteran of the film industry, who has served on films such as Requiem for a Dream, Black Swan, and Bradley Cooper's A Star Is Born, did admit, though, that there may have been tensions after he departed.

Whatever happened after I departed must have been a long time ago... In all my years, I never had an opportunity to be a witness to anything. Furthermore, I experienced zero sensation. 'You get a feeling that there might be something going on, and I didn't feel anything,' Libatique, 54, said.

He went on to claim that Olivia Wilde, the film's director, "believed in everybody on the set."

Fans of the 26-year-old "Midsommar" star noticed earlier this summer that she was not pushing "Don't Worry Darling" on social media, and rumors of a feud between Wilde and Pugh quickly spread through Hollywood.
After announcing her split from Jason Sudeikis, Pugh reportedly had a falling out with Wilde, 38, in late July, according to a Page Six article. The two reportedly had disagreements over Wilde's on-set romance with Harry Styles, which we verified in January 2021.

A source close to the situation told Page Six that the dispute between the two women began when Flo caught Olivia and Harry making out on set, which apparently didn't sit well with Olivia, who was still with Jason at the time.


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