'The Crown' Creator Bashes Queen Elizabeth II As 'A Countryside Woman With Limited Intelligence'

'The Crown' Creator Bashes Queen Elizabeth II As 'A Countryside Woman With Limited Intelligence'
Source: Daily Star

Peter Morgan may be the man behind Netflix’s hit drama, The Crown , but that doesn’t mean he’s a fan of Queen Elizabeth II. In a surprising new interview, the British director slammed Queen Elizabeth’s intelligence and called the monarchy an insane institution. What does the Queen think about Morgan’s show?

According to Marie Claire , Morgan views himself as an outsider and believes his negative view of the royal family gives him an edge over other biographers. The director explained how he never envisioned himself directing a series based on the British monarchy and thought there was little to say about Queen Elizabeth that hasn’t already been told. He even went as far to call Elizabeth a “countryside woman of limited intelligence” who would rather take care of her pets that be the figurehead of a country.

Morgan then compared the royal family to a virus that has beaten all the odds and referred to it as a demented institution. Although Morgan clearly has some shocking views about the monarchy, The Crown actually takes an empathetic approach towards the royal family, despite the fact that none of them are actually consulted for the show. Even Prince Eugenie, a granddaughter of the Queen, said The Crown is “filmed beautifully.”

The royal family has not responded to Morgan’s comments. According to Wonderwall , an insider revealed that Queen Elizabeth actually watches the show every week. The source revealed that the Queen has a weekly arrangement with the Earl and Countess of Wessex where they all sit down at Windsor Castle and watch a movie or TV show. After watching The Crown , Elizabeth allegedly said she enjoyed it, though she did think some of the situations were overly dramatized.

While Morgan is heavily critical of Elizabeth and the monarchy, actress Claire Foy really likes the idea of the Queen watching the show. In a recent interview, Foy said that it makes her happy thinking that Queen Elizabeth logs into Netflix and watches television. She doesn’t, however, want to know what Elizabeth thinks of the show or her portrayal of the monarch.

Season 2 of The Crown is scheduled to premiere in December on Netflix.


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