The breakdown was expected: “Kanye was trippin’ for months”

The breakdown was expected: “Kanye was trippin’ for months”

It looks like Kanye West’s breakdown and hospitalization was not as sudden as we thought. The rapper has had months of erratic behavior that warned his family of an upcoming meltdown.

According to a close insider, "this is nothing new with Kanye." West was rushed to the UCLA Medical Center on November 21, 2016, after a breakdown at trainer Harley Pasternak's home gym. He was admitted to the hospital for intense treatment and psychological tests.

The insider went on by adding that the entire family knew something was not right with the rapper months ago.

"He was trippin' for months."

Kanye did nothing but rant on stage during the last few weeks of his live tour, once even walking off the stage mid concert. How rude to the fans! At his last concert, before he completely canceled the rest of his tour, Kanye West warned ominously: "Get ready to have a field day, press. Get ready, get ready. Because the show's over."

An insider claimed that the company was asking Kanye to cancel the Saint Pablo tour weeks ago: "He was supposed to cancel his tour a month ago, back in early October."  The source added that it was before he quit the concert at the Forum in Los Angeles. "They wanted it shut down before that." However, the representatives for Live Nation chose not to comment in anyway regarding these allegations.

His strange behavior also affected his marriage with Kim Kardashian, who was both saddened and angered by her husband’s way of acting.

When Kanye was rushed to the hospital, Kim was on a private jet, going to an event organized in her late father’s name, but quickly changed routes and chose to be by West’s side as soon as she found out about his breakdown.

The Kardashian-West was applauded by friends and family for her dedication in dealing with Kanye’s strange behavior, saying things like: "Kim is a saint for putting up with him."


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