The Bold And The Beautiful Star Ashley Jones Files For Divorce From Husband Joel Henricks Amid Abuse Allegations

The Bold And The Beautiful Star Ashley Jones Files For Divorce From Husband Joel Henricks Amid Abuse Allegations
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The Bold and The Beautiful star Ashley Jones has filed for divorce from her husband Joel Henricks amid allegations of abuse.

One week after the actress was granted a restraining order against Henricks, she officially filed to have the marriage dissolved. The papers claim Jones was abused by her husband for years, even before they were married in 2015.

TMZ obtained a copy of the court documents where Jones insists, she fears for her life and the life of her child. The General Hospital alum and Henricks are parents to 3-year-old son, Hayden Joel.

Jones claims her husband has grown more violent over the years. An incident in September 2017 where Henricks caused a spinal fracture in her hand after they argued over her cell phone was cited in the court documents. During the fight, her husband crushed Jones' hand.

"He calls me a whore and accused me of infidelity regularly and been incredibly jealous of long-ago boyfriends with whom I have no contact," Jones said in the filing TMZ obtained.

Another allegation of abuse came from a terrifying night were Jones claims her husband was drunk. Henricks allegedly threw her to the ground to get her cell phone during the fight.

"Joel was trying to get my cell phone from me because I was recording him being belligerent and threatening me and beginning to get physical. I dropped the phone, and Joel let me go. I left with Hayden, but Joel convinced me that he would not drink anymore, so eventually I went back," she details in her initial request for a restraining order.

The actress reveals in 2018 Henricks began to drink alcohol excessively. Jones details the time he showed up drunk at his ex-wife's home, who is not named, to pick up his 7-year-old son Huck. The altercation caused Henricks' ex to file a restraining order against him to keep him away from Huck.

There are several more incidents like the ones revealed to TMZ. T he Bold and Beautiful star Ashely Jones decided to file for divorce from Joel Henricks after years of abuse. She chose to leave after finding a tracking device on her car and he accused her of cheating on him.

Even though Henricks has said he has thoughts of suicide, Jones can no longer keep her and Hayden's life in danger. The restraining order states Henricks must stay at least 100 years away from the actress and her son.


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