'The Big Bang Theory' Star Mayim Bialik Gets Real About Hangovers And Age In Relatable Blog Post

'The Big Bang Theory' Star Mayim Bialik Gets Real About Hangovers And Age In Relatable Blog Post
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T he Big Bang Theory's Mayim Bialik is getting real about hangovers and age in a new blog post. She learned the hard way drinking too much at her age, will result in a nasty hangover that can last for days.

Recently the actress woke up to a hard truth and new reality. Bialik discovered that hangovers get more brutal with old age. On her website, Grok Nation, the 43-year-old shared how she
celebrated the Jewish holiday Purim. The holiday is a massive celebration full of costumes, parades, food, and drinking.

In her post, the mother of two acknowledges she had three different drinks, which at the time she did not think was too much. A weak scotch and two Jack and Cokes were her beverage choices for the evening. Bialik made it clear she did not feel drunk at all and that she had a wonderful evening.

Her night was full of fun but the next morning was an entirely different story for the Blossom alum.

"I was far from fine. My headache was steady and dense. I was exhausted and felt completely depleted of energy. And I was GRUMPY. I was grumpy because the alcohol made me feel grumpy, but I was also grumpy because I should NOT be feeling this hungover from having only a few drinks throughout my night out," Bialik recalled in her post.

The actress went on to explain her hangover made her feel like she had drunk a bottle of tequila doing shots all night. However, she had no such evening. The Big Bang Theory star had a total of three drinks, but she felt like she was dying the next day.

Although Bialik admits in the blog post, she was never one to drink heavily, the actress has enjoyed a few adult beverages now and then. Since the Purim party, one thing has become increasingly clear to the Hollywood star, hangovers after 40 are the worst.

"It seems that once you hit 40, you just can't do what you used to. This Purim experience has made it crystal clear to me that whatever small drinking life I had before is over. The days of having more than a few drinks, even over the course of HOURS, is over," she stated.

The Big Bang Theory is coming to an end, but fans won't catch star Mayim Bialik getting her drink on at the wrap party. She insists her days of drinking are done and she is moving on to other activities.


"It's time to focus on knitting, cross stitch, and reading romance novels apparently," she shared in her blog.


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