The Bella Twins Want To Return To The WWE!

The Bella Twins Want To Return To The WWE!
Credit: Source: E! Online

Nikki Bella was stopped in her tracks when she was forced to retire from the WWE due to injury. Meanwhile, Brie Bella voluntarily bowed out in order to have a second baby.

It turns out that the twins are thinking seriously about a comeback. The women's division of the WWE is doing things bigger than they've ever done before.

The women's revolution that was introduced just a few years ago was spearheaded by the Bella Twins and other female wrestlers that have caused the company to revamp the way they treat the girls of the WWE.

From the word 'Divas' being removed from the championship titles to the first all women's pay-per-view event -- the wrestling brand isn't what it used to be ten or even five years ago.


That's actually a great thing and is what Brie and Nikki stood for during their time on Raw and Smackdown. Now they want to properly be a part of it but there's one thing standing in their way: Brie's desire for baby number two.

During the last episode of Total Divas, the mother of one told her sister: 'I feel like, our whole career, you and I always wanted the tag titles.'

To which Nikki responded: 'I would love to be, at least once in my life, a tag team champion with you. They just really want us to help make the tag team championships mean something. Retirement in the WWE means you have a great story when you come out of it.'

Brie seemingly wanted to say yes but explained that she has to speak to her husband, Bryan Danielson, before committing.

'I also have to think about Bryan, because I have been trying for a baby. My husband is super excited. So, if he says no because of trying for baby number two, I'm gonna respect that.'

Do you think the twins can pull off a comeback?


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