The Bachelorette: Jed Wyatt Reacts To Hannah Brown Dating Tyler Cameron

The Bachelorette: Jed Wyatt Reacts To Hannah Brown Dating Tyler Cameron
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The Bachelorette alum Jed Wyatt is speaking out about Hannah Brown asking runner up Tyler Cameron on a date.

The singer is both a winner and loser in terms of the ABC reality TV show. Wyatt proposed to Brown in the season finale but as fans know his lying cheating ways caught up to him.

After his lady love learned Wyatt had a girlfriend when he first when on The Bachelorette , Brown called off the engagement. Well, that and the fact he cheated on said girlfriend weeks before leaving for the reality TV show.

Fans witnessed the blonde beauty ask her second choice, Cameron to go out for drinks on  After The Final Rose special. They are both single after all. He said yes, and the date is pending.

Wyatt is now sharing his thoughts on the possibility his ex-fiancé might reunite with his competition. During an appearance on Good Morning America Thursday morning, Wyatt admitted he knew something was up at the After The Final Rose taping.

"I couldn't really put a finger on it when I was there that day, I know there was a lot of nerves and a lot of tension. But, you know, her happiness is my best interest, I want her to be happy and Tyler's one of my friends, he's a great guy. And if that's what it's supposed to be, I support that," the country singer expressed to Michael Strahan.

Of course, there was no way the now controversial The Bachelorette contestant could not do an interview without being asked why he was not honest with Brown from the beginning. Wyatt would have saved himself and Brown a lot of heartache, as well as drama if he had just come clean before he asked her to marry him.

"I was fearful to lose her. I was acting really more out of fear than my actual love for her. That's my mistake, but that's kind of what happened," Wyatt explained during the interview.

Jed Wyatt is definitely not a Bachelor Nation fan favorite. He is considered one of The Bachelorette's most notorious douchebags.

However, the singer wants nothing but happiness for Hannah Brown. After all the pain he caused her, Wyatt wishes her nothing but the best on her upcoming date with Tyler Cameron.

Do you think Wyatt is sincere with his kind words for Brown and her possible romance with Cameron? Or he is merely trying to do damage control to his reputation?


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