The Bachelorette: Jed Wyatt Defends His Character In New Tell-All Interview

The Bachelorette: Jed Wyatt Defends His Character In New Tell-All Interview
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The Bachelorette villain Jed Wyatt is defending his character. Hannah Brown's first choice is now speaking his truth regarding some of the misconceptions about him.

Wyatt appeared on Bachelor Happy Hour podcast to chat with hosts Ali Fedotowsky and Rachel Lindsay. Both ladies were previously The Bachelorette, so they know first-hand how the show works. Lindsay is even set to wed Bryan Abasolo, the man she chose during her season, this summer.

Lindsay and Fedotowsky forced Wyatt to answer some of the fans burning question. First, the country singer is setting the record straight regarding, his ex-girlfriend Haley Stevens. He maintains they were never officially an item.

Even though he told Stevens he loved her, introduced her to his family and they vacationed together, Wyatt claims she was never his girlfriend.

Therefore, he never cheated on her. So, people should stop labeling him as one. He also insists he was utterly faithful to Brown during their engagement.

The Tennessee native also firmly believes Stevens used their past for her own career. As it became clear Wyatt was going to be a frontrunner on the show, Steven went public with their story, gaining her 15-minutes of fame.

"I know that she's hurt, but I know also that there's a good chance that she was seizing the opportunity as well. What I don't understand is if you really do love someone, no matter how promising they've made it seem. if they're going on a dating show, regardless of why they're going on a dating show, why would you stay with them? For me, if I was in a relationship, I would not have gone onto a dating show," he declared of Stevens.

Although he ended up playing his guitar on the show a lot, Wyatt claims that was not his initial strategy. Yes, his career was one reason he went on The Bachelorette . However, the singer said Brown was the one who kept encouraging him to play music.

"She liked when I played and wanted me to play," he shared to Fedotowsky and Lindsay.

Jed Wyatt is working overtime to defend his character. The fallout of his participating on The Bachelorette and essentially getting dumped by Hannah Brown is still in full swing.

Now that Brown has moved on with her second choice on the show, Tyler Cameron, Wyatt is hoping people will let him do the same.


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