‘The Bachelor’ Winner Cassie Randolph Returned Colton Underwood Engagement Ring Because It Was Ugly

‘The Bachelor’ Winner Cassie Randolph Returned Colton Underwood Engagement Ring Because It Was Ugly
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The Bachelor winner Cassie Randolph did not like the Neil Lane engagement ring Colton Underwood gave her. She found it ugly. Therefore, she returned it and he will need to find a better one before he pops the question to his lady love.

Even though the drama that played out on the ABC show is long gone, there is still one little bit of unfinished business surrounding the couple. Underwood will sit down with the LadyGang tomorrow night, where he shares some shocking yet hilarious insight into his new relationship with Randolph.

The former Bachelor claims the situation is not as black and white as it appears. As fans know they did not get engaged at the end of the show, so ABC would not pay for a ring to use at a later date.

While making an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live , the reality star shared his story with the talk show host. Kimmel decided to help the guy out and called Neil Lane to ask them to give the original ring ABC had purchased back to Underwood

When Underwood got the ring from the high-end jewelry store, he showed it to Randolph, who was not a fan. In a clip for his appearance on the E! show LadyGang , he revealed his girlfriend thought the ring was ugly and returned it. Underwood described the ring as a double square cut, which host Becca Tobin referenced to a Super Bowl ring.

Cassie Randolph thought her engagement ring was ugly. She has another idea in mind for the ring she wants Colton Underwood to use when he pops the question. He called his girlfriend while on the show to discuss her feelings about the "ugly ring."

"I just have a particular idea in my mind," when asked what it was about the Neil Lane ring she did not like.

She is no different than any other woman who knows what she wants in an engagement ring and doesn't want to settle for anything less. Who can blame her right?

Fans should not get too excited that a proposal is on the horizon. Both Underwood and Randolph claim they are still getting to know each other. They both do believe they will eventually get married, but it is a long way down the road. After all, it was only a few months ago she was leaving him on the show.


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