"The Bachelor" Mansion Is Under Siege From Forest Fires

"The Bachelor" Mansion Is Under Siege From Forest Fires
Credit: Source: People.com

According to new reports, the iconic mansion used to film episodes of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette might not survive the vivacious wildfires sweeping Southern California at the moment.

The creator of the infamous series, Mike Fleiss, went on Twitter yesterday, November 9th, to share a photo of the property near the smoke in the hill. He wrote, "pray for Malibu."

Robert Mills, who serves as one of the show's producers, said he is thinking of the people in Malibu right now, and added that the mansion was in peril.

In a report from The Hollywood Reporter, the fire has climbed up to the 7,500 square foot mansion's patio, which is currently sitting on 10 acres of land.

Furthermore, another house that's used for filming within The Bachelor' s franchise has been eviscerated by the flames. Currently, the 23rd season of The Bachelor is still underway, but Colton Underwood and his suitors are filming far away.

Today, the wildfires reached into new territory, as authorities and firefighters have been working to move people out of the area. Currently, 11 people have lost their lives thus far.

Thousands of homes have gone up in flames, and the fires have scorched hundreds of square miles of earth. It first began on Thursday, destroying a town of 27,000 called the Sierra Nevada.

As a result, the fire became one of the most destructive in the history of the state. In Southern California, the fires burned out the drought-stricken areas in the canyons as well as the west and north hills of downtown Los Angeles.

The fire also burnt the historic Northern Californian town of Paradise. It destroyed more than 6,700 buildings and 50,000 people had to leave the area. Some of the other people who died were in buildings as well as in their homes.

The president, Donald Trump, later took to Twitter to say that all of this could've been avoided had the state of California implemented forest fire infrastructure. The politician said there was "no reason" for this sort of natural disaster to occur.


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