The actor who voiced Buzz Lightyear criticized the cartoon about the character

The actor who voiced Buzz Lightyear criticized the cartoon about the character
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Actor Tim Allen , who voiced Buzz in the 1995 film Toy Story, did not see any resemblance to the original tape in the spin-off. He stated this to the Extra portal.

"This story has nothing to do with my Buzz Lightyear. There is no connection here, and I would like it to be seen better," he said.

Allen also added that a Toy Story film could not exist without the character Woody, who was voiced by Tom Hanks in the original film.

Released in the US in June 2022, Buzz Lightyear did poorly at the box office. Fans of the franchise were surprised, among other things, by the change in voice actors: in the new film, Buzz's character spoke in the voice of Chris Evans.

According to the creators, the change of actors was carried out to show the space character more "heroic."

Allen also observed that part of the magic of toy story movies is that they are really friendly movies.
In a previous post, Chris Evans Offered to Play Wolverine in Marvel Movies.

Directors Anthony and Joe Russo ( Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame ) revealed in an interview with ComicBook that they would like to see Chris Evans play Wolverine.

Filmmakers believe that the actor could have handled the role of Wolverine in Marvel better than the character of Captain America.

"He is an incredible actor. I don't mean him in a bad way, but he doesn't look like Captain America at all. Steve Rogers is very reserved and quiet.

Chris is energetic, fun, and charismatic, and he brings a lot of energy. I would like him to do something like Wolverine," said Joe Russo.


The Russo Brothers are also working with Chris Evans for The Gray Man. Ryan Gosling will also appear in the project.

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