Teyana Taylor Says She's Done Having Kids And More During New Interview - Here's Why!

Teyana Taylor Says She's Done Having Kids And More During New Interview - Here's Why!
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During a new interview, Teyana Taylor opened up about her two home births and she also revealed that she is not planning on having any more kids and why! Check out what she had to say!

There is no secret that Teyana Taylor is very successful and hardworking but none of her projects, be it as an actress, director, dancer and more, can be compared to the difficulty of her welcoming her two daughters at home!

As it turns out, both her 5 year and 6 month olds made rather unplanned appearances into the world so she had no choice but give birth in her bathroom!

Chatting with HollywoodLife, the mom of two joked that 'Listen, I will get scared [going to the bathroom]. Right after giving birth, I was just going to the bathroom and I am like, ‘Oh, is my water going to break? Wait, I had my baby yesterday.''

This is what she said about her second birth that happened only a day after the baby shower.

'All in all, it was amazing and a beautiful thing. It was so scary at the time, but so beautiful,' she noted.

Asked about her and hubby Iman Shumpert's potential plans to have more children together, Teyana made it clear that she's most likely done!

'Girl, listen, two and done, you hear me! I gotta give this a break, there is like shoulders coming out of there, OK! I have tattoos that are not done. Imagine God telling you, well you are about to have this baby, you cannot push her back in there so it is now! Listen, my babies are at the point where they are like, ‘Oh Junie had her entrance, I am coming that way too, I am coming early, I am coming right where you’re at, I do not care where you’re at,' Teyana said, joking that she feels like all her kids would be 'petty' enough not to let her get to the hospital.

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