Teyana Taylor Gets To Meet Her Idol Janet Jackson

Teyana Taylor Gets To Meet Her Idol Janet Jackson

Teyana Taylor has idolized Janet Jackson for most of her life. So much so that parts of her image has been modeled from the superstar. Taylor was recently set to meet Jackson but because of a connecting flight cancellation, it seemed like she had missed her opportunity.

But it looks like the meeting is still going to take place because Jackson reached out to Taylor on FaceTime to reschedule. Taylor was notably overwhelmed during the conversation and it was all caught on video.


Looks like Taylor and Jackson will be meeting this weekend at one of Jackson's concerts. Taylor made it very clear that she'll be ready to double as a dancer onstage if Jackson needs the extra presence. So it looks like dreams do come true.

Taylor has been compared to early 90's Jackson in her style and even dance moves. She's been open about how much she looks up to and idolizes Jackson. She even recreated the pop icon's Video Music Awards look at last year's awards ceremony.


Taylor has been in the industry for quite some time but really broke through as the video girl for Kanye West's video Faded , where she danced sharply showing off her ripped and toned body. Taylor is married to basketball player Iman Shumpert and the two have a darling daughter named Junie.

Taylor is currently filming for the new version of the dance movie Honey , which Jessica Alba starred in and rose to fame in 2003.  She also walked the runway at this year's New York Fashion Week.

Taylor has also been working hard in the studio and has some of the most successful figures in the Hip Hop industry singing her praises. While there hasn't been an official release of an album yet, that is likely on the horizon for this hard working model, dancer, and music artist.

There's no doubt that her meeting with Jackson will be documented in some way and we'll have all the latest details on how their meeting went.

Taylor will undoubtedly be inspired and her fangirl heart content after encountering the woman she's modeled much of her image after.

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