Teyana Taylor Celebrates The New Year By Revealing That She Has A Production Company On A Five-Acre Lot!

Teyana Taylor Celebrates The New Year By Revealing That She Has A Production Company On A Five-Acre Lot!
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Just weeks ago, Teyana Taylor took to the internet seemingly feeling defeated after constantly being looked over by her label Def Jam. She announced that she was quitting music.

She received tons of support from not only her loyal friends but also industry heavyweights like Janet Jackson and The Game. It seems that until she is released by the label that makes her work twice as hard for a portion of the recognition she will be tapping into her many other talents.

She has had multiple starring roles in movies. Her latest project is one of the most awaited sequels that will be premiering this year -- Coming To America 2 .

Teyana celebrated the new year with a totally different outlook. The new mom announced her production company The Aunties is on a five-acre lot where actors, singers, dancers, and more will be able to create whatever their hearts desire.

' Great morning world! Wow! I really can’t put it into words the feeling of setting a goal and accomplishing it. Sometimes the goals we set are scary, I’m a firm believer if your goals/ dreams don’t scare you they aren’t big enough! I stepped out on faith and let God do what God does best. Last night was not only a celebration into 2021 with some of the people I love most but a full circle moment of when Actions and faith Align. Although I closed certain chapters in 2020 Im blessed with the book of opportunity.
Entering my dirty 30 with my husband gifting me with my very own movie camera 🤯 that a hell of a way to cap of the year, To bringing in the new year closing on my very own compound with my partner in crime and Co-Founder of The Aunties Inc @coco_gilbert. We, The Aunties are proud to announce, Aunties 360, a 5 acre lot that includes production, dance, recording, prop studios, equipment and 360 green screen rooms for creatives!'

It seems that she will be behind the camera in addition to in front of it.

It's great to see Teyana in better spirits ready to tackle the world.

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