Tessa Thompson Slams Hollywood Writers For Describing Female Characters As Tough

Tessa Thompson Slams Hollywood Writers For Describing Female Characters As Tough
Source: LosAngelesTimes.com

Tessa Thompson, the actress who will appear in Thor: Ragnarok in the upcoming month of November, has spoken out against the way Hollywood writers portray female characters.

Tessa will play the role of the Asgardian warrior, Valkyrie.

However, she's upset with the terminology the writers use to describe their female stars.

In an interview with the L.A Times, Thompson, who is known for Creed and Selma, spoke about the way some women who are considered to be "strong," are portrayed in movies.

She claimed there is pressure in Hollywood movies for writers and producers to push women into a role where, if they are strong and fierce, they also have to be "sexy."

Thompson went on to say the word she hates the most in all of the scripts of the entertainment city of the world is the term, "bada*s."

Tessa said the word had been pushed into nearly every script on the Hollywood circuit nowadays.

The actress, albeit somewhat obnoxiously said, "It’s a dumb male writer’s way of saying, ‘Ah, uh, she’s like, she, uh, she’s tough.’ Then straight after that it’s like, ‘She’s bada*s, but she’s got a beauty about her. And she’s sexy. Unconsciously sexy.’”

With that being said, we can't help but wonder if the male writers are in a position where no matter what they say and do, there will always be someone waiting in the sidelines to cry "sexism."

If she doesn't want to be described as "bada*ss," what does she want to be called then? Human beings come in a variety of different forms. Not all women are "strong and fierce," and the same goes for their male counterparts.

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