Tessa Thompson Is Stunning With Pooches And Peplum At Manhattan Screening Of Disney's Streaming-Only Lady And The Tramp

Tessa Thompson Is Stunning With Pooches And Peplum At Manhattan Screening Of Disney's Streaming-Only Lady And The Tramp
Credit: Source: Jessica Smalls/Instagram

Disney launches its new streaming platform, Disney Plus (Disney +) on November 12, 2019, and fans can't wait. One of the movies they will launch exclusively on the platform is their live remake of the 1955 classic, animated movie Lady and the Tramp.  In the remake, Tessa Thompson ( Creed, Dear White People, Avengers: Endgame ) voices the sophisticated pooch, Lady. Justin Theroux ( Mullholland Drive, The Leftovers ) is the voice of Tramp. The movie will only be available through the streaming service, however; there was a special screening at the iPic theater in Manhattan on Tuesday, October 22, 2019.

Justin Theroux and Tessa Thompson attended the screening, but they found themselves sharing the spotlight with their canine counterparts: Rose and Monte.  Both Justin and Tessa spent time with the pooches and Tessa looked stunning in a peplum, white suit.

Tessa said that the dogs used in Lady and the Tramp are rescue dogs.

You may see video including an interview with Tessa Thompson and Justin Theroux and additional cast members, including Rose and Monte in the video player below.

Tessa looked gorgeous in a peplum top that featured geometric-shaped black lapels at the collar. The outfit gave many a seventies vibe as the top featured bell sleeves and a peplum design at the waist and hem of the pants. Layers of silver chains embellished the ensemble and ensured that Tessa stood out in all her beauty.

You may see several photos of Tessa wearing her peplum outfit below.

The most stunning aspect of Tessa's premiere look was her makeup. Celebrity makeup artist Jessica Smalls not only did Tessa's face but shared a full breakdown of how she created the look.

Tessa's skin had a dewey glow and shimmery highlights were added to her browline and upper cheeks. Her eyes sparkled with a deep, olive green paired with gold that accentuated her deep, dark eyes.

Jessica applied a matte lipstick with minimalist lip gloss. You may see the full breakdown of the products Jessica used on Tessa below.

Finally, Wayman and Micah shared a sweet shot of Tessa Thompson and Justin Theroux spending time with the pooches Rose and Monte. Justin is an avid animal activist and is a big supporter of rescuing dogs. There is no question that he took this project on because it was near and dear to his heart.

Justin and Tessa were down-to-earth at the premiere and spent a great deal of time speaking about the movie to reporters.

What do you think about Disney's decision to make Lady and the Tramp streaming only? Are you going to subscribe to Disney Plus when it launches on November 12, 2019?


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