Tess Holliday Wears Lirika Matoshi Strawberry Midi Dress, Swarovski Crystals And Natalie Mills Jewelry On The Red Carpet

Tess Holliday Wears Lirika Matoshi Strawberry Midi Dress, Swarovski Crystals And Natalie Mills Jewelry On The Red Carpet
Credit: Source: Tess Holiday/Instagram

The Lirika Matoshi Strawberry Midi dress retails for approximately $500 and looked stunning on Tess Holliday when she walked the Grammys' red carpet. Tess was thrilled to attend the awards show and she shared multiple photos and a video of her twirling in the pink-tulle trimmed feminine garment on her official Instagram account, where she has more than 2 million followers. With puffy sleeves and a tie-waist, the dress accentuates every figure type and is available from the official Matoshi website in sizes XS to XXL. Tess paired the sweetly decadent dress with a set of monochromatic pink Delila earrings from Natalie Mills jewelry and wore Swarovski crystals on her eyes for a look that was undeniably head-turning.

The pink tones in the dress complemented Tess's red hair that was swept into a high ponytail by celebrity hairstylist Tonia Day. You may see in the video player below as Tess prepared for the big event. As Tonia worked on Giving height to Tess' crown, notice how the PVC glitter on the strawberries sparkle.

You may see another photo showing the waves in Tess' ponytail from the back view below.

Tess shared several photos from Staples Center on her page. Here you may see her full red carpet look that won praise across social media platforms. Notice the detail on her ponytail as she wore hair jewelry that matched her outfit.

Click below to see Tess twirling on the red carpet and showing off her full glamorous look. Tess always looks like a pin-up and the red carpet was no exception!

Mariana McGrath did Tess' makeup. Check out the video below where Mariana was getting the vision and plan for Tess's sparkly eye makeup!

Here is a close-up video that shows how Tess' Swarovski crystal eye-makeup was as glittery and sparkly as her Natalie Mills' earrings!

The monochromatic pink Dellia earrings by Natalie Mills were a superb choice to complement the dress as well as Tess' eye jewelry. You may see a close-up photo of the brilliant earrings Tess wore on the Grammy's red carpet below.

For footwear, Tess wore red Daybreaks. Check the photos below for an isolated picture of her pumps.

Are you a fan of Lirika Matoshi and the Strawberry Midi Dress?

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