Terry Crews Speaks Out In Gabrielle Union's Firing From AGT And Union Praises Him As One Of The Best In The Industry

Terry Crews Speaks Out In Gabrielle Union's Firing From AGT And Union Praises Him As One Of The Best In The Industry
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When Gabrielle Union was fired from America's Got Talent earlier this year, it caused a massive social media backlash, not only from social media users but also among the actress' industry cohorts, including Terry Crews.

Reported by BET, Gabrielle's employment with AGT was terminated because she frequently complained about sexism and racism. Terry Crews took to his social media and gave his candid opinion regarding the Bad Boys' alum firing, and the social media reaction was not positive.

Following the outpouring of love among her massive Twitter following, Union said on Twitter that she was grateful and humbled by the support. Crews retweeted Gabrielle's comments with the following statement, "You're the best, Gabrielle! You will be missed!"

Reportedly, Twitter users felt Terry's response to the news of Gabrielle's firing wasn't quite as strong as it should've been, considering she was a strong advocate of The Longest Yard alum when he told his story of sexual harassment in 2017.

As it was previously reported, Terry Crews, amid the massive wave of #MeToo allegations in 2017 and in 2018, came out to tell his own story of sexual misconduct and abuse. Terry recalled a Hollywood industry party he attended one evening, and a popular and quite successful agent groped him after having too much to drink. He was a close friend of Adam Sandler, claimed the actor.

The agent's name was Adam Venit, and he was temporarily suspended without pay. However, he was later rehired again and got back to work. Following the news that Adam wasn't blackballed from the industry, Terry, once again, took to his Twitter account to say that Mr. Venit got a "pass."

Later on, Mr. Crews stated that one of the primary reasons he didn't attack Mr. Venit immediately was because he felt he would be discriminated against as a large, muscular, African-American man. Regardless, Crews' story-telling was hailed and praised by other industry figures, especially #MeToo proponents and supporters.

Some people on social media, however, felt as though Terry was merely doing it for attention, and truly didn't feel like he was unsafe.

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