Terry Crews Shares Secret To 30 Year Marriage With Wife Rebecca King

Terry Crews Shares Secret To 30 Year Marriage With Wife Rebecca King
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Actor Terry Crews is sharing the secret to his 30-year marriage with wife Rebecca King.

The Brooklyn Nine Nine  star got candid with Us Weekly regarding his three-decades-long relationship with the gospel singer. He is also dishing how his definition of love has changed over the years.

"What I say a lot of times is: You can't love someone and control them at the same time. As a man, especially being young, you feel like you need to control everything and that's not love. You know? Love is freedom. Love is a choice," Crews said to the magazine at the live show of America's Got Talent earlier this week.

Crews and King both have hectic schedules. It is easy to get caught up in life and let the relationship fall by the wayside. The happy couple makes spending quality time together a priority.

"If my wife had to come home because she had to, is that love? Or did she come home because she wanted to? See, that's the difference. You know, we really opened up that way and made sure our marriage was all about freedom and that we choose to be together, not we have to be together, you know what I mean? You show up. Make the choice. It's a choice," the 51-year-old shared.

It has been quite the journey for the happy couple. They have five children. Oldest daughter Naomi is King's daughter with her ex Charles Burton, but Crews adopted her when she was a child. The actor considers her his child as much as his other children, Azriel, Tera, Wynfrey and son Isaiah.

Last spring the actor revealed what it was like to parent five children.

"You know what the key is? A midday nap. I have a whole technique. I have the eye patches, the noise-canceling headphones. I can take a nap anywhere. I am a nap pro. I'll take it in a car, in the lobby, in the airport," the proud papa admitted ahead of his new AGT hosting gig.

Terry Crews is sharing his secret to 30-years of marriage with Rebecca King. It has not been an easy journey, but in the end, it is all about choice. The couple always chooses each other, love and freedom. His secret is not foolproof, and it may not work for everyone.

However, there is something to his advice. The philosophy has given him over three decades with his lovely wife.


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