Terry Crews Says His Sexual Assault Perpetrator Adam Vinet "Got A Pass"

Terry Crews Says His Sexual Assault Perpetrator Adam Vinet "Got A Pass"
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Terry Crews isn't done yet. The White Chicks actor slammed the Hollywood agent who allegedly groped him at a party last year. The exec, Adam Vinet, went back to work at the agency which employed him following his brief suspension.

The 49-year-old actor wrote, "someone got a pass," in response to the agent for WME having his position reinstated on the 27th of November, Monday. According to reports, the Hollywood executive had to take one month off without pay after he allegedly groped Terry Crews at a party in 2016.

Despite his demotion to a much smaller position, he will continue to work as an agent at the organization. However, Crews isn't pleased with the result. Following the tweet, the actor shared two screenshots of an article written back in 2011 regarding Mel Gibson's drunken rants to a police officer who pulled him over.

In the tweet which we have for you below, Terry explained that he exchanged "Gibson" for "Venit" in an attempt to blackmail him, like Mel Gibson, from the industry, but Ari Emanuel said the case was "different" and handed it back.

As you may know, the Longest Yard star came forward with his assault allegations in a series of tweets.

Terry explained his predicament as inducing "PTSD" because "this kind of thing happened to me." He went on to describe the incident and later revealed the perpetrator's name. He stated, at the time, he didn't come forward because he was fearful of repercussions.

However, with the explosive Harvey Weinstein scandal hitting the mainstream media, he felt empowered to share his story in support of the victims of assault everywhere. During a later interview, Terry Crews said -  and quite melodramatically - that being a victim of sexual harassment is like "being a prisoner of war."

Additionally, he wrote, "I understand and empathize with those who have remained silent." He added that Hollywood is not the only place where this type of thing happens. Crews stated that Venit's actions left him emasculated and objectified.

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