Terry Crews Did Not Think He Would Be Believed When He Accused Adam Venit Of Assault

Terry Crews Did Not Think He Would Be Believed When He Accused Adam Venit Of Assault
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Ever since the #metoo movement spread worldwide, it has encouraged both male and females to call out their abusers to put an end to the inappropriate things that go on in Hollywood, the workplace, and more. Actor Terry Crews was asked why he waited to report Hollywood bigwig Adam Venit for groping him at a party and his answer may surprise you.

While attending Essence Fest, Terry revealed that initially -- he tried to handle what happened by himself.

'I did come forward right away. I went right to the agency where this man worked and told everybody. I didn’t go public right away. I gave them time to rectify the situation. I wanted them to get rid of this man.'

He then explained why he didn't immediately go to the police.

'This was pre-Me Too. If I would have gone to the police, I would have been laughed out of the precinct. This was also a time when people believed that you as a man couldn't be sexually assaulted. It was impossible to get anyone to believe.'

Unfortunately, Crews is just one of many men who felt like (and may still feel like) their stories wouldn't be believed simply because of the fact that they are men.

Venit ultimately faced no criminal charges but fans are proud of the actor for bravely speaking out.

He is using his platform to bring inspiration to men and women everywhere. During a panel called Breaking of Silence to Heal Our Communities, Terry opened up even more.

'When the women of the Me Too movement came forward, I viewed that like a hole in the fence. I watched those women escape and I ran right after them. That is when I came public. With the inspiration and from the courage they showed, actually gave me the courage to come forward with my story.'

It's great to see that Terry is not letting his story be buried in the media.

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