Terrence Howard Reveals His Opinion Of Jussie Smollett Situation

Terrence Howard Reveals His Opinion Of Jussie Smollett Situation
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This past Thursday, Jussie Smollett, one of the leading actors on Empire , was charged with disorderly conduct over falsely claiming he was the victim of a hate crime on the 29th of January.

Since then, Smollett has maintained his innocence, despite the numerous reports that the actor had faked it, hiring two Nigerian-American brothers to attack him and paying them $3500 for their trouble.

Terrence Howard has worked with Jussie for years, and he was just one star to come out in support of the actor this week. Terrence, who plays Jussie's father on Empire , posted a video of Jussie on his Instagram page that suggested the cast and crew from the popular series has Jussie's back.

In response to the swift social media backlash for his comment, Terrence insinuated there are people who want to believe in the most negative aspect of the story. Howard went on to give an enthusiastic and religious speech, in which he stated that "so much bad has been piled on our president, republicans, and the President."

He went on to accuse Trump and his voters of some kind of immorality, despite the extremely heinous and divisive nature of the allegations against Jussie.

Thus far, Smollett has received extreme hatred online from people who are infuriated by his lies, especially considering the motivation for the lie which was a need for publicity, and dissatisfaction with the pay he received per episode: $60,000.

On Thursday, when Jussie was arrested, his attorneys said that his right to due process had been "trampled." His lawyer said in the statement that the Empire star "feels betrayed."

Reports claim Jussie was excited to hear when police had found someone to press charges against, but when he saw it was two Nigerian brothers, the ones he had allegedly paid to put the plan into action, he quickly said he didn't want to press charges.

Social media commenters have suggested that Jussie was going to falsely accuse two white men of perpetrating an attack against him.

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