Terrence Howard Reveals He Is Quitting Acting When Empire Ends

Terrence Howard Reveals He Is Quitting Acting When Empire Ends
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Terrance Howard has revealed he is quitting acting once Empire ends next year.

The 50-year-old had a sit down with Extra's correspondent Cheslie Kryst this week and broke the news he was leaving showbiz. Kryst kicked off their chat by asking the actor what he was going to do once Empire finished filming.

"I'm done with acting. I'm done pretending," Howard answered her bluntly.

When Kryst attempted to get more details out of the Hollywood star, he was not forthcoming with information. One thing he did admit is that his future does not include a career in philanthropy.

"No, not philanthropy; I'm just focusing on bringing truth to the world," he replied.

Howard did not share what truth he was referring to or how he plans to bring it to the world. The only thing he was crystal clear about is that he is done with acting next year.

He has had quite a career in Hollywood. Besides starring on the Fox show, Howard has appeared in big-screen flicks such as The Best Man , The Butler , and Hustle & Flow .

The hit drama returns in two weeks for its sixth and final season. Although Howard is done with acting, he has nothing but love for his Empire family.

"I love the cast members. I will miss them a great deal, and the crew," he expressed.

One costar Howard already misses is Jussie Smollett, whose character of Jamal was written out last season following the actor's legal drama.

"I was closest to Jussie. It hurts not to have him here. It's like losing a son. But it's nice not having all the media circus around regarding all the things that took place," he told the Extra correspondent.

Howard has supported his onscreen son throughout the entire scandal of his alleged hate crime.

Terrance Howard says he will be done with acting once Empire ends next year. He promises fans a drama-filled last season full of stellar performances from the cast. Although the actor didn't share any specifics, he did tease Cookie and Lucious might on be on the same side anymore.

"I think the producers are realizing Cookie and Lucious are better enemies than lovers, and it's nice to be able to sharpen the fangs again," he shared.

Are you ready for the final season of Empire ? Do you think Howard is really going to quit acting?

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  • Mary Cotton
    Mary Cotton Sep 12, 2019 6:42 PM PDT

    No one knows exactly what was going on on Jussie's mind when he did what he did. Who knows why any of us do the things that we do. We're human beings, capable of making all sorts of mistakes. We were created perfectly in the eyes of God...but we came into an imperfect world. If this was not so then the son of God wouldnt have had to give His life. Jussie's mistake was only one of millions and millions, combined with the sins of this world...but because of the sacrifice that was made for us, we can be whole again. Jussie, just like everyone else has to deal his mistake. Who are we to judge, when we are just as imperfect. I pray that he will come to grips with this and be able to ask God for forgiveness for his mistake (If he hasn't already), and ask forgiveness of those that he may have caused hurt. On another note, I am going to miss the Empire seasons...And REALLy am going to miss Terrance Howard if he gives up acting. I love Terrance Howard. He's been a very strong black actor. My deceased husband (The love of my life) name was Terrance.,and I have a Terrance Jr. AlsoTerrance H. and I share the same birthday, March 11. Terrance Howard is a crazy, cool, funny, but can be serious, smart, and fine as hell...Pisces. But if you choose to do other things in life Terrance, I wish you love and nothing but the best. And definitely going to miss my girl, Cookie, but I believe that we'll see her around for a while. Shout out to all if the Empire cast and much love.

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