Terra Jole Wants Briana Renee To Come Back To 'Little Women LA' But She Is Blocked From Reaching Out!

Terra Jole Wants Briana Renee To Come Back To 'Little Women LA' But She Is Blocked From Reaching Out!
Credit: Source: US Weekly

Briana Renee's estranged husband has caused her nothing but trouble since before they even said 'I do.' The trials and tribulations Briana faced in her marriage caused her to quit 'Little Women La' but her ex-co-star Terra Jole would welcome her back with open arms now that she's kicked her estranged husband to the curb.

The ladies of the show not only knew most of the strange behavior of Matt Grundhoffer but would also confront Briana about it when it happened. With that being said, when Briana left the series she cut off communication with most if not all of the cast.

Terra spoke to Radar Online about the situation.

"I reached out to Briana twice, but Briana has blocked me on all of her social media and she changed her phone number, so there’s that. I don’t want to beg for a relationship. I simply wanted to reach out to her and after all of us heard that she was going through a divorce and everything Matt had done, I think everybody just wanted to be there for her."

Briana's now ex-husband almost dragged her into his legal battle over sexually assaulting a patient under his care in a mental hospital nearly ten years ago when she was a minor. Matt revealed that he was sexting the same woman while he was married to the reality star.

Now that the worst part is hopefully behind her, Jole would like to see Briana back on the cast.

"I would love if Briana would come back. I think that it’s hard to be in this world again because also our relationships are different with the other girls and it’s hard to come back but yeah I would totally invite her presence back on the show."

She added that everyone loves a good comeback story and this is Briana's chance to share hers. Would you want Briana to return?


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