Teresa Giudice's Lawyer Addresses Her Joe Divorce Rumors - Are They Over?

Teresa Giudice's Lawyer Addresses Her Joe Divorce Rumors - Are They Over?
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It is safe to say that Teresa Giudice is in a very weird situation due to the looming danger that her husband Joe might be deported after serving the rest of his prison sentence. If he does get sent back to Italy, will she file for divorce? After all, it doesn’t seem like she is planning to follow him along with their daughters.

That being said, the RHONJ star’s attorney is finally addressing the question that has been on the fans’ minds for a while now. Can the pair’s marriage survive?

‘The only lawyers that Teresa is talking to are her husband’s immigration lawyers, and those conversations are all about bringing Joe home where he belongs. Nobody's talking about getting divorced. Joe Giudice's a fighter, and he wants to come home. His legal representatives are putting up a hell of a fight to make that happen,’ one unnamed Giudice family attorney apparently told Daily Mail.

This comes after many insider reports claiming that Teresa had told her circle of friends that she has no intention of following Joe to Italy along with the rest of the family.

But also, what the lawyer supposedly said fits with other reports saying Teresa is not even thinking about the deportation as being a possibility as she, and their legal team are doing everything in their power to avoid it.

Fans of the show know that Joe came to America with his parents when he was just a baby but never took the right steps to become a U.S. citizen.

Meanwhile, one source previously told People that Teresa was overheard telling Andy Cohen that ‘if Joe gets deported, she is not going. She told that she and Joe talked about it over the phone, and that he understood. Teresa’s hope is that they can be together as a family [in America.] They're obviously optimistic he is coming home.’

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