Teresa Giudice Still Can't Entirely Deal With Joe's Deportation, Source Says

Teresa Giudice Still Can't Entirely Deal With Joe's Deportation, Source Says
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It turns out that Teresa Giudice is still not able to completely cope with the idea that her husband Joe might end up deported to his native country, Italy! One new insider report claims that she has been having a really hard time because of that possibility.

Reports have been claiming that the reality TV star is ready to end things with Joe if the court decision goes through and he is forced to leave the U.S. for good.

However, that is not to say she is not struggling with that idea.

Now, one source close to the family tells HollywoodLife that the woman still ‘has had a really hard time dealing with the fact that Joe is going to be deported after he serves his time. Teresa initially dealt with the news by just focusing all of her attention and her time on the kids, and on her fitness and health.’

Teresa was in attendance at Andy Cohen’s baby shower, and she did not wear her wedding ring!

Furthermore, she told the news outlet that she was doing ‘good.'

But the insider dished that initially, the mother of four daughters was spending barely any time with her close pals when the news of her husband’s deportation started to go around.

‘She stopped spending as much time with friends and going out as she used to, unless she was filming the show. Teresa loves Joe and how supportive he is, and he even encourages her to understand how important her friendships are especially when times get tough. Teresa has been enjoying girls nights out with her friends more often lately and feels comforted from the support she’s getting from her family and friends.’

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